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Tiny Habits, Prepared Not Scared ! Embrace The Storm

I’m always amazed how small or minor improvements can have such positive impacts on different aspects of one’s life.

Check out the YouTube Channel ‘The Art Of Improvement

21 Habits To Improve Your Life In 2021 Effortlessly

The content remains highly relevant today.

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Each to his own. The Blue Pill is rather tempting. Oh to live a life of peacefulness, quietude and serenity. I could sleep-walk my way around and know the state has got my back.

However, give me the Red Pill any day.

Give me raised awareness, especially in a world that is clearly on the cusp of massive societal change.

Prepared! Not Scared !

Time to take matters into hand and put some order into your life. Check out this blogpost…

10 Tips To Survive A Crisis

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I’ve just got to share this video of the band OTYKEN, Chulyms from Eastern Siberia.



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