Teaser – 1492 by Jacques Attali

Teaser for the Book    1492 by Jacques Attali, published in 1991, publisher FAYARD

This book earned its place on my “WOW“ list.

Jacques ATTALI takes us through events leading up to the discovery of the New World and how this affected the world immediately afterwards and from the 1500s onwards.

Events that would literally shake the very foundations of World Order in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Antwerp supersedes Venice as the new centre of the economic world, as eyes turn West to the Atlantic. England turns its back on Europe.

Shortly afterwards in 1497, John Cabot discovers Newfoundland, Canada. Vasco Da Gama sails around Africa’s Cape Of Good Hope and reaches India and all this by 1499.

A few years earlier, King Philip and Queen Isabella expel the Jewish population from Spain. Around this time, the Vatican consolidates its power thanks to influence of the Borgias.

The Printing Press becomes more and more widespread in a Europe, hungry for knowledge, thus sewing the seeds of protest and future conflict with the Catholic authorities.

Tobacco, chocolate and the potato are introduced into Europe.

This was a fertile period and a Renaissance for Mathematics and the Sciences.

In terms of impacts on Geopolitics, Politics, Culture and the Social Fabric of society, 1492 goes down as an epic year for both Man and for Woman. If you’re looking WOW material from Jacques Attali, take a look at this teaser for “A Brief History Of The Future

This is a MUST!


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