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Tiny Habits, Prepared Not Scared ! Embrace The Storm

I’m always amazed how small or minor improvements can have such positive impacts on different aspects of one’s life. Check out the YouTube Channel ‘The Art Of Improvement‘ 21 Habits To Improve Your Life In 2021 Effortlessly The content remains highly relevant today. Red Pill or Blue Pill? Each to his own. The Blue Pill …

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Paradigms, Happiness, Bach ‘n Bass

I just had to send this one out tonight:   Twosday, twenty-two/two/twenty-two at 22:22:22    Silly isn’t it! But you have to admit, it’s got a certain ring to it.    Think about this… Have you ever found yourself: happy with a bit of success, and not quite understanding how the heck you actually managed to pull it …

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