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Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023

2022 Events Mid-November 2022, the World Population surpassed 8 Billion, according to the United Nations. Wow! What a statistic! 2022 has been a tumultuous year on so many levels: FINANCE & STOCK MARKETS The US Federal Reserve has continued its aggressive rate hikes throughout the latter part of 2022, with several 0.75% increases and a …

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Moving Forward – Sowing The Seeds Of YOUR Growth

Autumn is here! As are the cooler, darker nights. Time for some reflection about where we’re at, now that September has come to an end. OUR CHOICES Can you imagine that so many things that we DO in life, are likely to have a powerful and lasting effect on who we are, what we think, …

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Sleep, Exercise, Positive Thinking And A Bit Of Folk You

Gagging For A Break I’m just about to take my Summer break and I have to say, I’m gagging for it! I’m actually feeling pretty pooped, as I’ve been full-on for most of this year, with few breaks to boost my energy. I’ve clearly been running on my reserve tank over the past few weeks …

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Tiny Habits, Prepared Not Scared ! Embrace The Storm

I’m always amazed how small or minor improvements can have such positive impacts on different aspects of one’s life. Check out the YouTube Channel ‘The Art Of Improvement‘ 21 Habits To Improve Your Life In 2021 Effortlessly The content remains highly relevant today. Red Pill or Blue Pill? Each to his own. The Blue Pill …

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Oxygen, Failure, Greatness, Recycling Gold

I’ve got a spring in my step as the scent of flowers hits my olfactory system. I love this time of the year when Mother Nature is waking up all around us. Time to wipe away those cobwebs, rev up the engine and get active.   Get the blood flowing into those lungs, find renewed motivation and empty the inbox of …

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Paradigms, Happiness, Bach ‘n Bass

I just had to send this one out tonight:   Twosday, twenty-two/two/twenty-two at 22:22:22    Silly isn’t it! But you have to admit, it’s got a certain ring to it.    Think about this… Have you ever found yourself: happy with a bit of success, and not quite understanding how the heck you actually managed to pull it …

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Good-Bye 2021 – Hello 2022

Well, that’s 2021 done and dusted…. Out with the old! In with the new! Welcome ‘22. It has been truly epic on many levels. We’ve seen change, disruption, uncertainty, furloughs, subsidies galore in a number of countries, mass-vaccination programs and ongoing supply shocks. Inflation has also reared its ugly head in most countries as food …

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Newsletter 014 – Make Digital Your Goal

Hi Let’s take a look at self-reliance, your brain and 69 (soixante-neuf) Année Erotique… Self-Reliance is something we should all strive towards, in my humble opinion. It is your ticket to freedom. Freedom to make your own choices on your own terms, to be beholden to no one but yourself. Only he/she who is self-supporting …

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