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Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, Richard Carlson (1998)

Stay in control of your life. Do NOT let small unimportant things drain your energy...

Simple ways to minmize stress and conflict, while bringing out the best in yourself and others...


Learn French - French Words With Foreign Origins

French Word Origins To Grow Your French Vocabulary

For English Speakers

For curious people looking to

  • discover the beauty of the French Language 
  • experience a few  A-ha  moments
  • click here for more......

Publisher: Neo Urban Tongue

title: Learn French SLANG - For Intermediates For English Speakers 

sub-title:  Fast Easy Way To Learn French And Become Fluent.

Includes Phonetics And Cultural Spotlights On Terms. 

How Well Do You REALLY Know French? 

Available ONLY on Amazon in eBook format.

Bored with the traditional approach to learning French?

This book is for English Speakers...

- who want to sound more authentic when they speak French (phonetics provided).

- who are looking to improve their fluency.

- who are curious and want to go off the beaten track.

Prisoners Of Geography, Tim MARSHALL (2015)

A book full of "Oh!-Now-I-understand-better"  moments: A great insight into why certain governments act the way they do. Prisoners of their own geography: Mountains, Rivers, Oceans and occasionally walls.

You don't have to agree....., Click for more....

ANTIFRAGILE, Nassim Nicholas TALEB (2012)

Trader, Writer, Academic Researcher, TALEB does NOT mince his words. This is NOT a book about finance. It’s an interesting take on all aspects of life. It is all-encompassing: it is about...... click for more

1492, by Jacques ATTALI (1991)

This book earned its place on my “WOW“ list. Jacques ATTALI takes us through events leading up to the discovery of the New World and how this affected the world immediately afterwards.

Events that would literally shake the very foundations of World Order in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

... click for more

Charles Chaplin, My Autobiography (1964)

Against all odds, Charles Chaplin went from destitute child to unbelievable fame and fortune. Told by the man himself, this is a beautiful, amazing and astounding life story.

The Fourth Turning, Neil Howe, William Strauss (1997)

If history was anything to go by according to the authors, in 1997, the world was on the brink of a MAJOR crisis: called The Fourth Turning which was likely to last 20 years. The outcome would change the World beyond recognition. And no, this is not a book about fiction...

Enter the social/economic repeated "cycles" ....The HIGH, The AWAKENING, The UNRAVELLING, The CRISIS

The Etruscans and the Romans described this as the saeculum.

Interesting to think that we are currently "IN THE THICK" of those predictions....

Something to listen to..... 

Podcast: HARDCORE HISTORY by Dan Carlin

Journalist, broadcaster and in my eyes (ears!), a master narrator with a very unorthodox approach to history: Was Alexander The Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilisations ever fall like civilisations from the past?

You get the drift. This man is a compelling story-teller. Enjoy!

Podcast: Future Fossils, Michael Garfield

Conversations that help map, navigate and integrate a future weirder than we all imagined. Join Michael Garfield for profound and soulful dialogues and group discussions with some of the world's most amazing artists and philosophers, authors, scientists and activists, helping make the discoveries, tell the stories and grow the communities we'll need to thrive amidst our age of turbulent transitions.

Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron

Actor, writer and stand-up comic, Marc Maron interviews artists, musicians, writers, comedians, film-directors and loads of  interesting people from the past and present. Very down-to-earth, he tells you just like it is. No frills, just the raw truth. Highly entertaining.

Podcast: UNCHAINED by Laura Shin

Blockchain is a disruptive technology. Independent journalist Laura Shin talks with industry pioneers about how Crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money.

Podcast: CRYPTO 101 with Matthew Aaron

The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency

A great podcast for getting into Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency and understanding some of the concepts. Some great interviews with people making a big impact in this space.

Podcast: 4-Minute Bitcoin Daily News with Gary Leland

A great podcast for keeping up with the latest news. Get your daily dose of Bitcoin news every week day in 4 minutes or less

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YouTube Channel: Real Vision Finance

Real Vision TV is for me one of the most informative sources for current affairs. Lots of amazing, awe-inspiring, sometimes OMG interviews with some of the most influential people on this planet: economists, traders, business analysts, credit analysts, spin-doctors, investors, commodities experts, hedge-fund managers, experts in geopolitics...

Oozing with nuggets. You are unlikely to hear much of what is found here on mainstream media .

Part of their mission is to bring that knowledge to the average man and woman on the street.. An absolute MUST !

YouTube Channel: The School Of Life

A super entertaining Education Channel helping us to better understand ourselves and indeed a number of very interesting topics such as relationships, work, economics, art, leisure and culture.

YouTube Channel: TLDR News

Superb presentations on current affairs by an independent and unbiased team, lead by Jack Kelly. Lots of highly informative videos on current affairs in Great Britain. Enjoy

YouTube Channel: The Institute Of Art and Ideas

Talks, debates, interviews on topics ranging from philosophy, art, science and politics with some of the world's biggest thinkers and influencers

YouTube Channel: Jay Shetty

Former Monk, purpose coach and author, Jay Shetty is a source of wisdom and a great teacher in the well-being space. Whether you're looking for meditation or just help in navigating this complicated world, Jay Shetty is a great source of inspiration and a wonderful story-teller.

YouTube Channel: Mel Robbins

A Life coach who shares so many nuggets to improve your daily life and to help you make change happen in your life.

Webtastic sites... cobweb, dewdrop, web

Visual Capitalist

Want to know more about online consumer retail behaviour ? Or the history of pandemics? or the break-down of job losses during the recent crisis? or The US cities with the highest economic output?.... All you need to know....


Find out how Blockchain technology is revolutionising our society...

Venture Beat

Keep your finger on the pulse of technological trends and how they impact society....

Conserve Energy Future

A great source of information about Ecology and Natural Resources...and how each and every one of us can do our bit...

Neighbouring Countries

Neighbouring Countries

Ever thought which countries border a particular country?

Check this out...


Keep up with demographics and world population..


Keep up with what is going on in the world of Cinema....

World Time Buddy

What Time Is It In Buenos Aires Buddy....?