Paradigms, Happiness, Bach ‘n Bass

I just had to send this one out tonight:  

Twosday, twenty-two/two/twenty-two at 22:22:22   

Silly isn’t it!

But you have to admit, it’s got a certain ring to it.   

Think about this…

Have you ever found yourself:

  • happy with a bit of success, and not quite understanding how the heck you actually managed to pull it off?
  • feeling disappointed with yourself, because whatever you do, you never quite achieve that “thing” you’ve been dreaming of so much?
  • Or wanting to beat yourself up, because, in a certain context, you have a terrible habit of repeating the same negative scenario, over and over again?

Enter…Bob Proctor

(5th of July 1934 – 4th of February 2022)

Rest In Peace, Bob!  

Bob Proctor had so many wonderful things to say about Paradigms…and how to shift them… 

 Can you describe happiness in 60 seconds? I know a man who can…  And it’s highly amusing.

And then, sometimes, Talent comes OUT OF NOWHERE …  

On Today’s Menu, we have

LISTENHow Do You Change A Paradigm ? “,
by Bob Proctor (1934-2022)
WATCH / LISTENThe Secrets Of Happiness – In 60 seconds“, The School Of Life
OUT OF NOWHEREBe curious…..and scroll down. It’s worth it..!


How Do You Change A Paradigm?

Bob Proctor (1934-2022)

Rest In Peace.

Understanding paradigms is the first step on the road to your own paradigm shift…and impacting your life in a positive way.

Enjoy Bob Proctor’s take on the Paradigm Shift

skin, eye, iris

The Secrets Of Happiness – In 60 Seconds

The School Of Life

A highly entertaining, concise and vivid description of happiness…

I love The School Of Life. You’d be amazed at the mountain of nuggets to be found there on such a wide number of themes that concern us all.

bass, clef, music-145826.jpg
<strong><em>OUT OF NOWHERE<em><strong>

 Bach – Cello Suite No.1 [BWV 1007: 1. Prelude]  

Enjoy this beautiful and expressive performance…

Played on a Double-Bass, by Lorraine Campet.

Simply Awesome!

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