Oxygen, Failure, Greatness, Recycling Gold

I’ve got a spring in my step as the scent of flowers hits my olfactory system.

I love this time of the year when Mother Nature is waking up all around us. Time to wipe away those cobwebs, rev up the engine and get active.  

Get the blood flowing into those lungs, find renewed motivation and empty the inbox of life.   

Which begs one or two questions….:  

– What happens to the oxygen we breathe in?  

– How can we deal with feelings of inadequacy and failure?  

– What are the implications of depleted resources on Planet Earth? What are some companies doing to confront this reality?   

This is a great time to introduce Lewis HOWES and his School Of Greatness.  

Innovation often comes to the fore when humans have no choice. 

Find out more, below… 

On Today’s menu, we have…

LISTEN “Oxygen’s Surprisingly Complex Journey Through Your Body“,
by Edna Butler, TEDx
WATCH / LISTENIf You Dwell On Your Failure & Inadequacy – WATCH This ! “,
The School Of Greatness
OUT OF NOWHERE How To Extract Gold From A Circuit Board “, Earth Lab



Oxygen’s Surprisingly Complex Journey Through Your Body

Edna Butler, TEDx

Our body is an amazing machine.

Check out what happens to oxygen that enters our lungs….

and the correlation with the food we digest.

TEDx is such a great source of knowledge…

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If You Dwell On Failure & Inadequacy

The School Of Greatness

Maybe you’ve already listened to

Lewis HOWES and The School Of Greatness?

Enjoy his podcast and interviews.

Lewis interviews Jay Shetty, a young and energetic motivational speaker.

Get Jay Shetty’s take on how to deal with failure and that feeling of inadequacy.

Let us never forget that failure is simply a step on our way to self-betterment

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How To Extract Gold From Circuit Boards

by Earth Lab   

As a species, we are not particularly respectful of the environment. As natural resources become more difficult to find and access, and demand is increasing significantly, certain strategic metals are becoming hard to come by.   

Take a look at this video on a laboratory experiment showing how to extract Gold from printed circuit boards.  

It’s interesting to know that companies are taking an interest in landfill with the intention of recycling all kinds of electronic goods to extract Rare Earths and Precious metals. 

It often takes a shortage or a supply shock to force humans to innovate…  

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