Newsletter 013 – Make Digital Your Goal

Halloween is behind us and now we’re all set for the sprint towards the end of the year.

How is it possible to talk about healthy eating, rules to improve our life and disgusting eating habits to be observed amongst robots….all in one edition…?

Well! That’s the beauty of being around here. You never know what content is coming up. And Boy, Girl and All! Have I got some out of nowhere material for you this time round…!

On today’s menu, we have….

WATCHHealthy Aging with Nutrition
WATCH12 Rules For Life”, by Jordan Peterson
OUT OF NOWHERELet’s Invest In These Robots for #TeamSeas”, by Ticker Symbol YOU

Enjoy, kids !

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<span style=colorbe760b class=has inline color><strong>WATCH<strong><span>

Healthy Aging With Nutrition

Here’s a great animated video on how certain nutrition has an impact on our body. It’s always a good reminder for us to look after ourselves…

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<span style=colore2af24 class=has inline color><strong>WATCH LISTEN<strong><span>

Dr Jordan Peterson Explains

12 Rules Of Life In 12 Minutes

Jordan Peterson is really quite outspoken and generally does not leave people indifferent. His book

12 Rules For Life

is a superb insight into the human psyche. He makes many references to History, psychology, philosophy and myth.

Enjoy as he explains his own rules in a nutshell

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<strong><span style=colord28b07 class=has inline color>OUT OF NOWHERE<span><strong>

Let’s Invest In These Robots For #TeamSeas

Take a look at the charity that aims to clean up some of the dirtiest rivers on Planet Earth using waste-eating robots…

Amazing stuff, even though you might think twice about jumping into some rivers on this planet…

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