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Newsletter 012 – Make Digital Your Goal


Autumn is upon us and we’re discovering our olfactory senses again.

Tell me! What do Chalk and Cheese, Day and Night, Gold, Not Giving A F*ck and Wing-suits have in common?

Well! They are all featured in this latest Newsletter edition.

50 years ago, the monetary world changed. Check out the blog post below to find out how.

And how the world has moved on since then, but is could be at the cross-roads of a new transformation.

I’d also love to introduce you to Tom Bilyeu. If you haven’t yet met this guy, he’s such a great interviewer.

He’s great to listen to for varied topics he covers: Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Women in society, nutrition, clean-living. Such varied and interesting content.

Check out the Out Of Nowhere Adrenaline-filled suggestion !

On Today’s menu, we have…

READThe Nixon Shock and The Closing
Of The Gold Window
WATCH / LISTENMark Manson: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
Mark Manson, author, is interviewed by Tom Bilyeu
OUT OF NOWHEREWingsuit Flight Through 2-meter,
Uli Emanuele

Enjoy below….

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<span style=colore8ab28 class=has inline color><strong>READ<strong><span>

The Nixon Shock & The Closing Of The Gold Window

Did you know that 50 years ago on 15th of August 1971, the monetary system changed forever as President Nixon suddenly announced that the US Dollar would no longer be pegged to Gold – with effect on the following day! This shocked the world at the time and the 70s became one heck of a turbulent period.

I’ve delved into this crazy episode in history that affected so many people throughout the world at the time.

Who cares ?”, I hear you say

Well! Some economists believe that the current system has run its course. And some don’t !

In any case, it has become a talking-point recently in the Financial world…

Click to read more

Feel free to leave your comments…

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<strong><span style=colorc8a120 class=has inline color>WATCH<span><strong>

Your Concept Of Who You Are Is F*cking You Up

(On Impact Theory)

Tom Bilyeu interviews Mark Manson, author of

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Manson helps us understand his take on dealing with the pressures of life.

Eye-opening and highly entertaining!

Tom Bilyeu offers such all-round quality content on how to make our way in life. 

Enjoy his IMPACT THEORY channel. He’s also an entrepreneur in the world of nutrition and strongly promotes the impact of women in society.

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<span style=colorf69f15 class=has inline color><strong>OUT OF NOWHERE<strong><span>

Wingsuit Flight Through 2-meter Cave

Some people will do anything for a shot of adrenaline.

Check out Uli Emanuele in his wing-suit as he skims the earth and gets up to some derring-do antics.


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