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Hey all,

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are over. We had 2 weeks of rest and now the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics are in full swing 

We have been wowed and humbled and continue to be.

The emotion is always there when the Best Of The Best measure up.

Sacrifice, Tears, Pain.

And Jubilation for the very few.

It must be such a humbling experience for the athletes, as there are only 3 places (generally) on the podium.

It always impresses me when an athlete is presented with such a huge medal.

In this Newsletter, I decided to delve into exactly what is inside each of the medals….

Adding new strings to your bow is always a good thing as we evolve throughout life. Do your current skills include any of the skills mentioned in the video below? I’d like to introduce you to Evan Carmichael who offers tons of motivational content. Enjoy!

Check out the “OUT OF NOWHERE ” entry. It should hopefully blow your mind…

On Today’s menu, we have..

READSo What Are Olympic Medals Really Made Of ?”
WATCH10 Skills That Are Hard To Learn, But Will Pay Off Forever
compiled by Evan Carmichael
OUT OF NOWHERE“15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
                                               by TopThink


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<span style=coloreda229 class=has inline color><strong>READ<strong><span>

So What Are Olympic Medals Really Made Of ?

The Olympics have once again wowed the world. So many exploits and surprises, so much joy and a fair share of disappointment. 

We’ve also seen the introduction of some new sports in Tokyo: Skateboarding, Surf, Sport Climbing and Karaté.

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Feel free to leave your comments…

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<strong><span style=colore49a10 class=has inline color>WATCH LISTEN<span><strong>

10 Skills That Are Hard To Learn, But Will Pay Off Forever

We spend our lives accumulating skills in different situations (childhood, creative hobbies, work, relationships in general, playing team sports, individual sports, pushing ourselves to the limits in various endurance disciplines, gardening, diy, reading, learning…).

Here are a few important skills to have under your belt…..

Evan Carmichael is a great source for Self-betterment and Self-development content. Enjoy….

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<span style=colorf0ae0f class=has inline color>OUT OF NOWHERE<span>

15 Psychological Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Today brings a focus on the secrets of the mind, the tricks that our mind can play on us, without us even realising…

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