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Newsletter 010 – Make Digital Your Goal


You are what you eat.

You become what you think.

Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes. What would you say negative thoughts breed?

You are a product of your environment.

You become the average of the people who surround you.

Cliché ? No! I don’t believe so.

In this Newsletter, I’m delighted to share some gems from Jim Kwik.

I’ll let you discover and decide for yourself….

Got a few suggestions on how to fit exercise into your daily routine.

We all lead busy lives, but there will be a few ideas on how to optimise your time…

Don’t you just love watching a crafts(wo)man at work?

Check out the “OUT OF NOWHERE ” entry.

On Today’s menu, we have..

READ“Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine
WATCH“10 Things That Will Immediately Change Your Life “,
by Jim Kwik, Brain Coach
OUT OF NOWHERE“Why Championship Chess Sets Are So Expensive”
                                               by Business Insider

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Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Feeling a little less toned up these days. The paunch is creeping over the waistline, Bingo wings coming on nicely….

No time to devote to myself! I’ve got an empire to run! I haven’t got time for exercise. I’m run off my feet. No rest for the wicked.

Click to

I’d love to here how you organise your time to fit exercise into your day.

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Jim Kwik – Brain Coach

Jim Kwik is a Brain Coach and may just have the keys to help you make a significant impact on your life.

See what you think.

I’d love to get your feedback on this video….

“ 10 Things That Will Immediately Change Your Life

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Why Champion Chess Sets Are So Expensive

Any Chess Buffs in the house? You don’t need to be, to appreciate the skill and precision of an artisan creating beautiful works of art.

Bring it on!

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