Newsletter 008 – Make Digital Your Goal



Well it depends where you live, I suppose.

Whether you are still under house-arrest, out-on-conditional, let out for good behaviour or free as a bird, it’s time to get back to living our lives.

After all, as Jim Rohn put it, “The Objective Of Life Is To Act “.

This issue deals with how to kick-start that engine and get back to normality.

Also, relax whilst listening to a Neil Young cover………Chill…

On Today’s menu, we have..

READKick-start Your Life & Take Back Control
WATCHObjective Of Life Is To Act“, by Jim Rohn, Motivational Speaker
OUT OF NOWHEREHarvest Moon“, Neil Young Cover, by Reina del Cid


Catch you soon

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Kick-Start Your Life And Take Back Control

The title says it all. Just a few ideas to drag ourselves out of a slumber

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Objective Of Life Is To Act

I love listening to Jim Rohn, with his soothing wit and words of wisdom to find motivation in our life.

Objective Of Life Is To Act

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TLDR is a great source of information if you’re looking for a refreshing and independent take on current affairs, both Global and closer to home.

The team is lead by Jack Kelly who certainly takes an objective approach to controversial debates.


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<strong><em><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>OUT OF NOWHERE<span><em><strong>

Harvest Moon Cover Version

Chill out with this mellow take on Neil Young’s beautiful song which should take your mind of your worries…


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