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Newsletter 006 – Make Digital Your Goal


We were enjoying the first rays of sunshine, looking forward to heading down to the South of France for a long weekend and even a bit of horse-riding (I was feeling a little bit apprehensive about that) and then guess what……?

Lockdown stopped us in our tracks yet again.

And for good measure, we’re not even allowed to go more than 10 km from our abode.

But we’ve been there before.           

I suppose we’re getting used to this gig by now.

In spite of this last-minute turn around, we’ve decided to maintain our days off and go for a few local walks.

Fresh air and exercise are on the menu.

I thought I’d broach a topic that has been coming up regularly in conversation:

Is it Time To Quit Your Job?

In any case, don’t do anything rash, before reading one of the snippets I’ve prepared for you in the latest Newsletter. Read about the technological transition that society is about to go through.

On Today’s Menu, we have…

READ“Is It Time To Quit Your Job?
WATCH“Choices That Can Change Your Life”,
by Jay Shetty, Motivational Speaker
READ“We Are Entering The Biggest Technological Transition In History”,
Forbes Magazine
OUT OF NOWHERE“When A String Snaps In Mid-Performance”,
Kristine Balanas Wieniawski, Polonaise Brillante N°1

Enjoy the content below

Catch You Soon

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Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

That’s your call, but before you do something you regret, take a look at this article

click to read more….

Feel free to leave your comments.

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Life Choices

Jay Shetty is an author and a life-coach.

He is truly an inspirational speaker

Choices That Can Change Your Life

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Technological Transition

We Are Entering The Biggest Technological Transition In History

Renewable and Alternative Energies will one day replace Fossil fuels.

Not so long ago, this was almost a pipe-dream.

It is a bit of a bold statement and of course, it won’t be from one day to the next.

However, between now and 2050, the US, Europe and China are setting course for the challenge of zero-emissions.

Take a while to peruse the very short article from Forbes Magazine

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A Lesson In Sang-Froid

When A String Snaps In Mid-Performance

It’s impressive to see how a musician can be so resourceful when the unexpected happens.

Watch and revel at how Kristine Balanas Wieniawski reacts when a string on her violin snaps during a concert performance.

Enjoy !

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