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Alrighty, I do believe it’s time to put a little bit of order into our lives. Spring is almost here and as you’ll see below, I’ve been at it again:

Spring Cleaning In My Personal Finances

Time to recycle that paper you’ve been hoarding and above all making sure that your hard-earned cash is not being drained away by futile standing orders and PayPal transactions galore.

I’m also working on my self-motivation, looking for that momentum that will bring balance into my life.

I can then avoid the precarious juggling between family, work, music, health and sport and social life.

Did I say social life?   

Yes, even though lockdown is still present for many of us, it’s important to stay in contact with family and mates.

Bring on the Zoom Aperitifs.

I’m sure keeping your mind ticking over, listening to podcasts or audio books, reading, walking or running, listening to music and setting a few micro goals is a good way to navigate these strange times.

READ“Spring Cleaning In My Personal Finances”
WATCH“The Psychology Of Self-Motivation”, by Scot Geller – TEDx Talk
LISTEN“Wake Up And Work Hard At It”, by various motivational speakers
OUT OF NOWHERE“All About The Bass…”, by Post Modern Jukebox


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Spring Cleaning In My Personal Finances

Time to face it. It has to be done.

Spring is about to spring and it is time to delve into those Personal Finances. Check out what I’ve been up to, sorting out my affairs….

Feel free to leave comments….

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<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>WATCH<span><strong>

Enjoy Scott Geller‘s take on Self-Motivation in the TEDx talk:

The Psychology Of Self-Motivation

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<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>DISCOVER<span><strong>

Wake Up & Work Hard At It

I’ve gone for a double dose of SELF-MOTIVATION.

Take in some wise words on motivating yourself, showing resilience and true grit

Wake Up & Work Hard At It

Enjoy !

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<strong><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>OUT OF NOWHERE<span><strong>

Chill out and listen to Postmodern Jukebox’s:

All About That Bass

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