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Newsletter 003 – Make Digital Your Goal

February – The Love Month – is well on its way.

I was going to say “Bring out the skis”, but they may just have to wait.

Half-term is on its way and it can be an ideal moment to be amongst loved ones, family & friends.

 A great time for TLC.

Not just to offer to others, but also a bit of Self-TLC ?

Life occasionally throws us a few curve-balls. It can shake us to the bone. Self-doubt can set in.

I’ve got a great link for you by Oprah Winfey “Oprah’s Top 10 Rules For Self-Love”.She’s an amazing lady.   

Diversity is the name of the game. I have a few ditties to share with you and stimulate those neurones.

Today, on the menu, we have:

READHow To Combat Boredom At Work (boring, yawn)
WATCHOprah’s Top 10 Rules For Self-Love
LISTENThe 4-Minute Bitcoin Crypto Podcast
OUT OF NOWHERETwo Cellos: Thunderstruck


Catch you soon


Let’s Get Started

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<strong><em><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>READ<span><em><strong>

How To Combat Boredom At Work

How To Combat Boredom At Work”  is a subject that concerns a large number of people. Would you believe that GALLUP Polls estimate that 85% of people feel unhappy or unfulfilled in their work?

A frightening thought! My blog post explores the subject and comes up with a few ideas on how to counter this.

Feel free to leave your comments!

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<span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color><strong>WATCH<strong><span>

Oprah’s 10 Rules For Self Love

Oprah’s Top 10 Rules For Self-Love

Enjoy. She is always full of wise words

<strong><em><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>LISTEN<span><em><strong>

4-Minute Bitcoin Podcast

If you’d like to have access to condensed, dumbed-down pertinent information about the Crypto World, then Gary Leland’s

4-Minute Bitcoin Podcast

is a great place to start. This a daily overview of What is going on in the World of Blockchain. Enjoy.

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<strong><em><span class=has inline color has luminous vivid amber color>OUT OF NOWHERE<span><em><strong>


Luka and Stjepan are two classically-trained cellists from Croatia.

They have literally taken the world by storm.

I’m sure they will WOW you with their performance.

Here’s AC/DC’s Thunderstruck revisited

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