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Newsletter 001 – Make Digital Your Goal

Hi all,

Hope all is well and that 2021 is getting off to a good start.

Over the next few weeks, I’ve got a few stimulating shares for you. Hopefully, you’ll find a few nuggets to life somewhere in there….

Today, on the menu, we have:

Blog“Fear Of Overcoming Change”
Read“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff At Work”, by Richard Carlson
Listen“10 Things You Must Improve Each Day”, Jim Rohn
Out Of Nowhere“Alternative and Renewable Energy”

Enjoy. See you soon


Let’s Get Started

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Fear Of Overcoming Change

Fear Of Overcoming Change” is indeed a subject that has preoccupied many of us at various stages of our life.

Feel free to read my blog post on this and leave your comments!

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff At Work” by Richard Carlson (1998).

Stay in control of your life. Do NOT let small unimportant things drain your energy…

Simple ways to minimize stress and conflict, while bringing out the best in yourself and others…

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Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn is an amazing Motivational Speaker. He’s quite a fatherly figure and has a great sense of humour and I think, he’s capable of helping people see that they all have something positive to achieve in life.

Whether it be Entrepreneurship, Learning Patience, Persistence, Personal Finance management, management of stress, goal-setting or getting out of a rut, he is a great sage and speaker to have to close to your ears.

Enjoy:        “10 Things You Must Improve Everyday

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Alternative and Renewable Energy

In the US, they are currently in a transition phase between administrations. Let’s hope all goes as smoothly as is possible.

One major thing to note: Biden has a very strong Renewable Energy/Alternative Energy Policy to implement.

SOLAR, WIND, HYDROGEN and FUELCELLS all have a bright future and should contribute to putting the world on a path to cleaner fuels and less pollutions over the coming decades.

Checkout this website on Energy Conservation                  

5 Fast Facts About Hydrogen And Fuel Cells

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