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Moving Forward – Sowing The Seeds Of YOUR Growth

Autumn is here! As are the cooler, darker nights. Time for some reflection about where we’re at, now that September has come to an end.


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Can you imagine that so many things that we DO in life, are likely to have a powerful and lasting effect on who we are, what we think, and what we become?

This concerns our decisions about

  • our health (both physical and mental)
  • our interactions in social environments with family, friends and neighbours
  • our investment in our education or upskilling, in the education of our children, in the community
  • our work choices
  • our personal finances

It maybe those choices

  • to have those cans of soda
  • to go on regular beer sessions with the mates
  • to watch Netflix every evening after work
  • to consume those extra calories in between meals
  • to miss circuit-training or pilate or footy-training on a regular basis
  • to hang around with people, mates/acquaintances who have little or no ambition in life, which is their right and is entirely their choice
  • to stay longer at work and maybe missing out on bedtime for the kids or seeing your partner less

I didn’t DO IT!

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The same could be said about the effects of what we are NOT doing in our lives:

  • not bothering to take that morning walk or missing out on that physical activity
  • not going to the gym and not benefitting from having a subscription
  • losing touch with friends or family, because I’ve been sucked into the vortex of life
  • putting off today what I’d would rather do tomorrow
  • not being bothered to clear those leaves out of the gutter (especially as Autumn has come) and then spending part of my weekend unblocking the drains at the most inconvenient time
  • conveniently forgetting to put money aside in another account for a rainy day (we’ve had a few of those in recent times), or in my 401K or my Company Pension or Savings Scheme 
  • not taking enough time to revise for that exam or not going to all your lessons
  • ignoring that twinge in my tooth that causes regular infections
  • neglecting to take time for YOU in a hectic world where you spend most of your time thinking of others

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

Lao Tzu


OK! I admit I was focusing on what could be considered as a few negative aspects of the life of many people, myself included.

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However, if you take a step back, all of the above, can put our life on a particular trajectory.

It can be difficult to know the exact route that this trajectory will take, but if you care to take a bit of time out to analyse your situation, it’s not too difficult to imagine that certain choices or lack thereof, do not generally have a positive outcome over time.


It is no doubt better to make a choice, rather than have a situation imposed upon us. Being honest with oneself, is a first step towards achieving a level of awareness of one’s situation. Only then, is it possible to start thinking about what to do next, where to begin in your process of change.

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Action is the foundational key to all success

Pablo Picasso

How about taking stock of the amount of sugar you consume each day? Sodas, chocolate, cakes, viennoiseries (my weakness or ‘pêché mignon‘ as the French say), ready-cooked meals, beer, wine. What is stopping you from reducing the quantity? You would likely reap the rewards within weeks! Sugar is not our best friend!

How about fitting a bit of physical exercise into your daily routine? Put on your trainers and loose, comfortable clothing and take the kids out for a speed-walk, get off a stop earlier and walk further to get to work. Forget the car and walk to the shop. Take the stairs, not the lift. Take the bike round the block for 10 minutes each day. See how easy it is to do? Then do 15 minutes each day a week later. Then do more! You might be amazed at how such minor changes will improve your cardio in just a few weeks!

If you’re not using your gym subscription, cancel it and maybe do some other activity that costs you less, which brings us to money….

Would it be feasible to put aside a few bucks each month at first. Why not use the money from your cancelled gym subscription? That way, you’re not burdening yourself with additional spending, but simply re-allocating your budgeting. See how you go over 2-3 months. If it’s too much, then reduce the amount, but ALWAYS put at least a few bucks aside as a safety net just in case! If it’s doable, then continue. Who knows, you could be tempted to increase the savings slightly, once you get a better idea of your finances. Self-reliance is important. Having savings makes sense and it can be reassuring.

Is it too much to ask, to spend less time at work and more time at home with your family? This could inject new vitality into your relationship with your kids, your partner, your mates. Start gently if you are a workaholic and leave work 30 minutes earlier. Hopefully, you’ll rapidly see the benefits of this and leave work even earlier after a few weeks.

That DIY project you have in mind: how about tearing yourself away from Netflix to research how you will go about it? Maybe study or brush up on your plumbing knowledge, your interior decorating skills or your gardening know-how and how to build those raised beds or to connect your rainwater connector to the gutter.

Why not put your headphones on, and listen to an audiobook? Learn French, organise your finances, get some gardening tips, listen to a great fiction book, get into some self-development (there’s loads of it out there).


Life can be tough enough as it is, without adding a layer of trauma on your body, on your habits, on your relationships, on your work.

If you go for the Big Bang approach and shake up your routine and your life too violently, chances are, you’ll hit a wall rapidly. Then you might just find yourself in a state of ‘total overwhelm, exhaustion and demotivation‘. This will only lead to your giving up and simply going back to square one.

Why not make a few incremental changes in your life at time. See how they go and then increase the rhythm?

Each change YOU decide to make, will be a sign that you are taking back control of your life. Little by little, persistence, discipline, time and bit of organisation will plant the seeds of change to your current trajectory.

You will be moving forward and sowing the seeds of your growth

I’d love to hear your comments about the incremental changes you are making or intend to make in your life? What is your plan to take back control of your life? Any tips to share?

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