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Is It Time To Quit Your Job?

I think we all go through periods when we crave for change.

Lots of people spend years in the same job, doing similar work, similar tasks. They are good at what they do, but may ask themselves

Is this it? Or Is there more to life than just the 9 to 5?

More often than not, human nature is to tend towards the “Do Nothing” option.

Better the devil you know.”

I may be unhappy, but at least I know what I have. “

“I have become accustomed to it, even though I can hear the voice of Elvis in the background singing….

“A little less conversation, A little more action…..”

Elvis Presley

I think Elvis is not wrong. But a knee-jerk reaction is very often NOT the best reaction.

So You Want To Quit Your Job, hey?

Fair enough.

So what are you going to do about it?

Walk out, without having thought it through?

Without having considered exactly what is making you feel this way?

If you just walk out, you could be in danger of simply displacing the “unresolved” problem, which could follow you to your next employer.

Did you ever consider that maybe tweaking one or two parameters in your current work-life might just make it more bearable, less mundane, less stressful, less boring, more interesting.

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Working In Silos

Taking an interest in what is going on elsewhere in your workplace, can open your eyes. You may find that understanding what is going on

  • just a few offices down the corridor
  • on another floor of your office building
  • on a different site
  • on the company intranet

could actually pique your curiosity.

In so many work situations, departments in companies work in silos. This can be very efficient for the employer to have employees who master a limited number of tasks, without knowing what is going on in the next office.

However, for the employee, this can lead to Boredom At Work, disengagement, demotivation.

Not exactly a win-win situation for Employer and Employee!

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Alternative Working Methods

If you are lucky, your employer has already adopted or intends introducing more collaborative working methods such as AGILE working.

It can be beneficial and efficient to form “temporary multi-disciplinary teams”, bringing together

  • people from business
  • people with expert product knowledge
  • people who organise teams who manufacture
  • key users who have direct contact with customers
  • IT experts

Working together from the outset can help all players understand exactly what is at stake in the project and subsequently be more proactive.

AGILE tends to be less hierarchical and therefore each member of this “temporary team” can have their say and their part to play.

It can also improve inter-departmental relations which is positive all round.

I would say in the long run, it could even create more feeling of belonging to the company. In any case, it’s a great transferrable skill for all concerned.

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Know Your Employer

You’d be surprised the nuggets that can be discovered on a company intranet. Tidbits about

  • job offers
  • latest company news: both economic and social
  • free training material in the form of live presentations, online webinars, pre-recorded videos or simple power-point slides concerning
    • products and services offered by your company
    • soft skills: Excel,  Powerpoint, how to prepare a meeting, prepare a presentation
    • tutorials on how to use the company’s various IT systems and applications
    • the technology employed by your company: whether by the IT department, production sites, research and development, B2B solutions
  • valuable information helping you gain more knowledge
  • of the company who employs you
  • of what competitors are up to
  • of how your company is faring in comparison to the competition
  • of how healthy the market is for your company and its competitors

If you dig deeper, read around the subject, you may realise that your company is in a very healthy state compared to its competitors.

It could be that certain competitors are in a sorry state or about to be taken over by……..yes, your company. You may want to think twice before applying for a job with such a competitor!

Or maybe, your company is not doing very well or is likely to be the target of a take-over, an IPO. In which case, the whole of your organisation could be on the verge of a major shake-up.

Is It Worth Tweaking Those Parameters?

I think you get the drift of what I’m trying to say.

Knowing Your Company can contribute towards clarifying why you feel unhappy.

You may even discover which parameters could be tweaked to improve your situation in the company.

You may simply confirm that it is time to move on.

But at least you did the necessary ground work and you avoided making a rash and ill-informed decision.

Do You Really Have To Quit Your Job?

Maybe there is a compromise to be had.

You could remain in your current job if you can bear it, whilst researching the options of what to do next.

Have you ever considered learning new skills that would enable you to generate additional income WITHOUT actually having to quit your job?

If so, check out whether this alternative is suited to you. Click here.

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Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity

Whatever you do decide, take the time to research and find out about alternative sources of revenue.

It’s all about being self-reliant, financially independent and being able to withstand any curve-ball life decides to throw at us.

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