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How To Become Self-Reliant

Human security recognizes the importance of individuals and that the key to ensuring growth in developing countries is to foster individual talent and abilities, build self-reliance and put people in a position to make a broader contribution to society.

Growth must be inclusive and no-one must be left behind

Shinzo Abe

A Sobering Thought

Hey, get this sobering thought!

For many of us, the following applies:

  1. The only person who can watch my back…. is yours truly.
  2. Only “I” am in a position to help myself gain and maintain the quality of life that I aspire to for myself, wife and family.
  3. I pull my weight and I pay my taxes and my bills on time
  4. I do not wish to turn to the state for hand-outs and be beholden to anyone to get by.
  5. I want the best for my kids, but I also want what is best for them.
  6. I want to continue to have quality of life in my Old Age: Do what I want to do, when I so wish, sharing life with my wife
  7. In my Old Age, the only person to look after me will be myself. I do not wish to burden anyone with my ailments
  8. I want to stay fit so that I can at least tie my own shoe-laces (big LOL)

Stay Lucid eye, reflex, photography

I can enjoy life, but I force myself to keep an eye on where my life is going. This requires a minimum of financial planning.

Fortunately for me, I’m not into a crazy, exuberant lifestyle. Driving expensive, fast cars is not my thing, but I get it that some people get a massive kick out of it. That’s great for them.

It just doesn’t float my boat.

Too Much Too Soon

I would rather have money to travel, go out when I like, have a couple of holidays each year (more would be better), live in a comfortable home with all the mod-cons and make sure the kids get a good education. I enjoy working…under my own terms. I hope I will work and be active to a ripe old age.

Saving up for and preparing a memorable family holiday to Cambodia (or other) is a great way to have ever-lasting memories shared with my wife and my boys, back-packing, opening their eyes, taking them out of their comfort zone (and ours).

For my kids, too much, too soon is not good for them. They need to gain an appetite for “work” and understand life is one big contract. I do not claim to be a perfect parent (I have been, I am currently and will continue to be work-in-progress when it comes to parenthood).

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts

Marcus Aurelius

Yes! This Boy Does Have Fantasies…

I do have my fantasies and wish list live your dream, motivation, incentive

  • a ski-chalet
  • a Venice taxi-boat
  • a VW Camper Van
  • a cottage near the seaside

Oh! And a Double-Bass from a reputed “Master Luthier”

But I’m lucid enough to take things one step at a time, plan how to bring in the income: 

  1. money aside for a rainy day
  2. money for retirement
  3. accumulate a stash for the fantasy list
  4. spend stash at the appropriate moment

The Message Here Is SELF-RELIANCE

Definition of
Reliance on oneself or one’s own powers, resources, finances
The quality of not needing help or support from other people
The ability to depend on yourself and your own abilities
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What Does It Take?

I want to become and to remain self-reliant. Here are a few tips I apply to my own life:

  • take stock of my situation regularly
  • take an honest look at where my life is currently at, where it is heading
  • keep track of whether I am living beyond my means
  • look at my income & my outgoings regularly
  • know what my current financial obligations are?
  • if you haven’t started saving money, it’s never too late (check out the 10 TIPS TO SURVIVE A CRISIS)
  • avoid unnecessary debt. credit-card, scissors, cutting
  • It is highly useful to do a stress test/a simple simulation on the back of a napkin if you like, on how long I can endure unemployment before the indicators start turning red
  • having multiple sources of income is the way to go: side-hustle on top of main activity. The more the merrier.
  • We all have to take responsibility for our actions, for our decisions. Drop the “victim attitude”
  • Taking control of my life is taking responsibility for the outcomes
  • I cannot and must not count on help from the state. I do however believe in solidarity in society, as some people truly do deserve/must/need to be helped by the system

The true measure of a society can be found in the way it treats its most vulnerable members

Mahatma Gandhi

  • we must all define our own (achievable) goals in life, rather than be dragged along by life’s current bulls eye, bull, darts
  • UPSKILL! UPSKILL! UPSKILL! This world is changing at such a rapid pace. The time to start building up your profile and to learn new skills is today, tomorrow and on a continuous basis. Check out this blog post on Overcoming Your Fear Of Change
  • if you need things doing around the house, try doing it yourself. Certain things can be learnt, without having to fork out money to bring in a professional. However, know your limits: certain tasks must be carried out by certified engineers (Gas!), certified plumbers if living in a condominium
  • taking a fatalistic approach to our modern-day First World life, is synonymous to accepting that one day, financial hardship will come knocking at the door
Definition of FATALISTICBelieving that people cannot change the way events will happen and that events, especially bad ones, cannot be avoided
  • we must all give ourselves permission to question the “Party Line”. Simply put “Do not believe everything you hear or read and think for yourself”.
  • we must all do our own Due Diligence and research on all aspects of our life (money matters, career choices…). Seeking help and advice from friends, family, professional sources can help us to reach this goal.
  • finding a community of like-minded people can be motivating and highly informative, sharing tips ‘n tricks on how to generate income streams, be resourceful (mending your clothes & belongings, decorating, saving money, planting a garden, managing your finances), upskill….
  • We can give ourselves permission to follow our instincts and if we deem necessary, to avoid following what the crowd is thinking

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane

Marcus Aurelius
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  • We can all make an active effort not to neglect our health. Looking after ourselves and being active and taking care what we put into our body can go a long way to keep that Doctor at bay (and associated costs). You could also kill 2 birds with one stone as you FIT EXERCISE INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE

If you do not change direction in life, you might just end up where you are heading

Lao Tsu

You do not have to be non-conformist to be free-thinking, but a healthy dose of non-conformism can definitely help navigate the world that we live in.

I believe we build our own future, little by little. Although it can help, luck rarely enters into it.

Don’t ever count on it…

Ne te quaesiveris extra

“Do not seek anything outside yourself”
Ralph Waldo EMERSON (1803-1882) advocate of following your own conscience and doing your own thing

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