Habits, Health And Wealth

All the twos: 2/2/22, which means I’m a day late with this post. I could have said I’d posted it at 22:22:22, but that would be pushing it…

Habits are an important thing.

Positive ones, that is. 

Habit-forming is an important way to put a bit of order into our lives.  Mel Robbins is a great inspiration when it comes to trying to turn your life around with discipline and consistency. Enjoy her video below on the N°1 habit…..  

When you lack consistency and organization, this can be a source of stress, which can have knock-on effects on your life and your health. Have a gander at the animated video below which explains how Blood pressure works. It’s great!  

After Habits and Health, I guess there’s also Wealth.  Something tells me that reigning in your spending is the way to go in the current climate…

And then there remains the OUT OF NOWHERE post….

On Today’s menu, we have…see below…

WATCH The N° 1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily “,
Mel Robbins
WATCHHow Blood Pressure Works “,
Wilfred Manzano, TED Ed.
READ” Spring Cleaning In Your Personal Finances “, blogpost
OUT OF NOWHEREYou’ll have to scroll down to find out….

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The N°1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily

Mel Robbins

Mel is great for habit-forming, discipline and consistency.

Find out what the N°1 Habit actually is…

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How Blood Pressure Works

Wilfred Manzano, TED-Ed

Enjoy this wonderful and informative animated video on how our blood circulates….

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Spring Cleaning In My Personal Finances

More than ever being Self-Reliant is becoming so important.

This starts with knowing exactly where your Personal Finances are at… 

Here’s my take on getting my sh*t together at least once a year  

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<strong>OUT OF NOWHERE<strong>

” Narcos Theme Song – Tuyo

What an opening!

This is one of my favourite themes.

Check out the lyrics in Spanish.

So beautiful!

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