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Growing Potatoes, Learning Faster and Earth Art

Spuds Galore

I’m just back from the Mother-In-Law’s garden, after digging up some potatoes.

Feeling pretty tired, but happy with the harvest so far: just over 30 kg of potatoes dug up over two days. Give me a break! I’m taking my time.

Should be another 10 kg in the ground, if the first lot is anything to go by.

Yesterday, I woke up a complete wreck after the first dig. I was literally hobbling around, wondering how on earth it’s possible to be so stiff when I’m already pretty active? I forgot to do the warm-up! That must be it!

Digging potatoes is a brutal activity!

I’d also given the Laurel tree a good hacking as it was clearly getting out of hand and I’d done some painting in the bathroom. Not making excuses for my poor beaten body, but just saying, I’ve been pretty active.

Having said that, last year, I caught my 92 year-old Mother-in-Law red-handed digging up potatoes at 8am.

Work, that was reserved for me!

Unfortunately, just as I was enjoying my breakfast, she had decided to take matters into her own hands.

Honestly! The cheek of it, stealing work from the younger generation!

Obviously this year, I made sure she wasn’t putting me to shame.

Mother Nature

There is something to be said about waiting patiently, whilst Mother nature takes over, after sewing grains and bulbs.

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How cool is that ? Digging up fresh produce and then eating it the same day: green beans and sauté potatoes straight from the garden. Delicious!

I’m actually discovering a growing interest in gardening: preparing the ground; setting up frames for the runner beans; sewing a few rows of carrots; weeding (that’s my masochistic side). Can’t take any credit for setting up the Tomato frames and sewing the potatoes back in March. But, there’s such satisfaction in seeing the finished fresh produce on your plate or in a few jars.

I really do need to take time to learn more about growing vegetables.

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Learning Faster

Learning Faster

Speaking of learning. Have you heard about the Feynman Technique on how to learn faster?

I shall let you discover yet another great video from ‘The Art Of Improvement‘…


Earth Art

Have you discovered the creations of Andy Goldsworthy?

Check this video out on the process used by Goldsworthy to create his magnificent Natural works of Art.

Mind-blowing stuff.

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I’d love to hear your comments on how to avoid a bad back gardening, how you try to be more productive in your learning. And of course, what you think of Goldsworthy. Do you know other Earth Artists ? If so, share the names…


Take Care!

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