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Newsletter 009 – Make Digital Your Goal

Hi to all Seekers of Change and Self-Reliance, PASSION! Where on earth does it come from? This is a great opportunity to introduce you to Simon Sinek, if you haven’t already had the pleasure… I’d also like to broach the subject of Self-Reliance and the need to take control of your life. Building yourself financial security (no this …

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Newsletter 005 – Make Digital Your Goal

Alrighty, I do believe it’s time to put a little bit of order into our lives. Spring is almost here and as you’ll see below, I’ve been at it again: Spring Cleaning In My Personal Finances Time to recycle that paper you’ve been hoarding and above all making sure that your hard-earned cash is not …

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How To Become Self-Reliant

Human security recognizes the importance of individuals and that the key to ensuring growth in developing countries is to foster individual talent and abilities, build self-reliance and put people in a position to make a broader contribution to society. Growth must be inclusive and no-one must be left behind Shinzo Abe A Sobering Thought Hey, …

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