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Goodbye 2022. Hello 2023

2022 Events Mid-November 2022, the World Population surpassed 8 Billion, according to the United Nations. Wow! What a statistic! 2022 has been a tumultuous year on so many levels: FINANCE & STOCK MARKETS The US Federal Reserve has continued its aggressive rate hikes throughout the latter part of 2022, with several 0.75% increases and a …

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Good-Bye 2021 – Hello 2022

Well, that’s 2021 done and dusted…. Out with the old! In with the new! Welcome ‘22. It has been truly epic on many levels. We’ve seen change, disruption, uncertainty, furloughs, subsidies galore in a number of countries, mass-vaccination programs and ongoing supply shocks. Inflation has also reared its ugly head in most countries as food …

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Newsletter 012 – Make Digital Your Goal

Hi Autumn is upon us and we’re discovering our olfactory senses again. Tell me! What do Chalk and Cheese, Day and Night, Gold, Not Giving A F*ck and Wing-suits have in common? Well! They are all featured in this latest Newsletter edition. 50 years ago, the monetary world changed. Check out the blog post below …

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The Nixon Shock And The Closing Of The Gold Window

Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the USA. Nixon had the rather unsavoury task of announcing to the world that the US Dollar would no longer be backed by Gold. Taking effect the following day. Thus ended the Bretton-Woods Economic Era which had started in 1944. 27 years of existence. Obviously, the US DOLLAR did …

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Teaser – A Brief History of the Future

A Brief History Of The Future, by Jacques ATTALI, published in 2006 (FAYARD) Now this is one of my all-time favourites. QUICK & EASY               300+ pages. Genre:                              History +  FUTUROLOGY Jacques Attali traces the budding roots of capitalism and zooms into the period from 1200 to modern-day. He then goes on to make …

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