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Ask yourself this:

If you want to go about changing your life, is it really necessary to create total upheaval and disruption?

I can honestly say, NO !

Think twice before doing anything drastic.

Lend Me Your Ears ! Well, your eyes will do for the moment.

Contrary to popular belief, change in your life can be engineered, prepared and managed at a pace that hopefully, will fit in with your life.

It is possible to make the transition from your current profession to the profession that I discovered.

Digital Marketing:    Side Hustle vs Main Activity

In the Digital World, you can partake

  • either on a part-time basis or a side-hustle if you prefer.
  • Or it can be a full-time activity.

However, you MUST take the time and make the effort to learn the craft !

And Roll-up those sleeves.

I don’t know about you, but I thrive on learning and need to feel I am growing. I spend a significant time listening to music, to podcasts and reading about many things in this bizarre, interesting and ever-changing world:

… the list goes on…. I love to take a macro view over things.

My Background

I have worked in the IT business for almost 30 years. Over 20 years working for myself, with a brief period working for a company back as permanent staff.  The company went bust and so I found myself back on the job market. I decided to continue working for myself in the same domain. And No! I did not take the opportunity to make a massive change at that time. But what the heck!

I’m not going to beat myself up about that.

My Point

In my case, I LITERALLY went through years of procrastination, feeling that I was ripe for change, but rarely did anything about it. I was itching for change, but found a long list of reasons why I should simply maintain the status quo:

  • I’ve got a family to look after
  • I’m the main bread-winner
  • The kids are growing up, it’s not the right time
  • How can I be sure of income from another source?
  • I’m feeling comfortable. I couldn’t be bothered.

I can safely say, I have now done something about it.

Maybe you have done something about it too or are about to do so.

Change is not static and neither is this world, but I’m on the move and feel so much better for it.


I’m an optimist at heart, but also a bit of a realist. If you listen too much to that little voice of realism, it can hold you back.

Which is understandable. It held me back.

But I chose to do something about it.

Taking stock of your situation is a good thing. Self-awareness. Being honest with yourself is important. Knowing EXACTLY where you are at in your life.

I lacked balance in my life:

  • lots of work, although I do get a kick out of rolling up my sleeves
  • my health put on the back-burner
  • didn’t spend enough time with my lovely wife and my cheeky kids
  • I didn’t take enough time to pursue my passion of music, slapping my double-bass and playing in a band. It’s difficult to juggle so much at the same time and believe me, I am no Circus act.

Looking at where your outgoings are really going, is a good way to take stock of your situation; re-determining your priorities.

You have to be realistic concerning your skills in this ever-changing world. We should all be reading or at least listening to podcasts or alternative sources of media. I’m sure that the mainstream media is feeling the heat with all the competition coming from the many high-quality sources of news channel on social media.

But don’t be despondent. Be positive.

The Skills You Acquire in Life

It’s amazing how many skills you do find you have acquired in your lifetime, however short, if you take the time to think about it.

I have had the chance to work in a number of different environments and sectors. Some have given me great pleasure and satisfaction and also stress at times. You can taste stress, but you don’t have be subjected to it over a long period. It’s a choice.

It’s a good thing to have seen different working methods. I can say that I have tended to stick around after delivering a solution. I believe in assuming responsibility for what I have built and produced. I believe my clients have appreciated this on the whole.

Communication, whether verbal or written form has been invaluable in Customer-facing situations.

Nick in the flow
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Meet Big Bertha

I have always appreciated the discipline you acquire, playing a musical instrument, playing in a band, playing a musical composition. You learn how to break down sometimes complicated blocks into smaller more manageable elements. You master the small elements, you link them together.

You repeat and all of a sudden, you’re in the flow. 

You observe, you rehearse, you repeat, you correct, you learn, you do and then you can share.


I adore sharing things with people, my clients, my mates, my kids, my family.

Knowledge is such an important aspect in this world.

But it’s not what you know, it’s the way that you apply it that counts.

It would be my pleasure to help you on your journey towards a digital lifestyle.

Make Digital Your Goal!

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