A language is a living organism

I’m a big fan of languages and have had the pleasure of living in both France and Germany.

Being English, curious and having a passion for language, I quickly realised from an early age how closely linked many languages are. I was always looking for the off-the-beaten track literature to find out more about a language: historical, etymological, slang… You name it, I was interested in devouring it.

That is why we’re featuring a new book by NEO URBAN TONGUE

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It’s one of those books one would love to have had access to, early on in that French Language Learning Journey.

A book for curious types, looking to go off that beaten track and discover the French language from an original angle.

But more about that below…….

There is NO STOPPING that Evolution

A language is indeed a living organism and evolves over time. There is no stopping that evolution, however ‘protective‘ a government or a people may become about their language. You’ve only to look at the Loi Toubon that came out in France in the 1990s to protect the French language from outside influences. In spite of this, the French continue to absorb words from other origins, especially English.

International trade, political and economic partnerships and unions, international sport, marriages of alliance between the different Royal Houses over the centuries, globalisation, exploration, wars, mass migration of peoples, immigration, culture, cultural exchanges, music and above all, our YOUTH, have, to some degree, played a role in that evolution.

Influences on the English Language

When you dig deep, when you take a close look at a language, you sometimes recognise the roots and many of the influences that other languages have had on your own language.

Take English, for example: when you see the successive waves of invasions that have taken place over the millennia, it’s no wonder English has a mish-mash of origins: Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians, Vikings, Normans. The link between modern English and most Northern European languages and, of course French, is blatant.

Influences on the French Language

Take French: France has been invaded by a multitude of people, coming in from Eastern European and Ural regions. Celts, Belgae, Romans, Franks, Allemani, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals, Vikings, Normans.

Today’s French has come a long way. There are obvious influences such as the Romance & Germanic languages and then there are the less obvious influences.

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Experience A-Ha Moments

If you’d like to fast-track your knowledge of the French language or simply inject some renewed motivation into your


and even experience a few A-Ha moments, then this book could be just what you are looking for.


Learn French

French Words With Foreign Origins


French Word Origins To Grow Your French Vocabulary

For English Speakers


Neo Urban Tongue

paperback     ISBN 9798377865230

eBook ASIN B0C77NP771



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